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  • Great Compatibility

    Directly identify malinstream pattern file in machine.

  • UPS Control

    Maintain machine running in case of power off to adapt instability power supply.

  • Double-layer Dynamic Stitch Density

    Knitting, tucking, tight knitting, tight tucking action can be dynamic density in a row to improve shoe fabric quality such as special zoom dynamic density,intarsia,different net hole in a row.

  • PFCPower Supply

    Wide-range voltage input and constant voltage output to ensure the machine running stable, protect system memory when emergency power off.

  • Online Management System

    Send pattern file to machine without USB to avoid pattern leakage. Monitor, check, and export real-time production progress and relevant data from mobile phone & computer.

  • Double-edge Stitch Density

    Adjust edge side stitch density improve large size fabric quality(avoid edge tension density).

  • Yarn Feeder Locking Kniting

    No need to recompile the pattern. The yarn feeder locking systemfor knitting makes the fabrics more stable and flat.

  • Multi-piece Continuous Knitting

    Support the folder import and symmetric pattern file continuousknitting without reset to improve machine running efficient.

  • Double-side Rack Narrowing

    Double-side needle bed racking to reduce transfer stitch rows and knitting time.

  • Forced Knocking Over

    Remove needle latch stitch from triple plain anddouble jersey knitting.

  • Support knitting without Stating Yam

    Support the new presser function to knitting without wastage yarn and higher efficiency.

  • Ful-fashioned Knitting

    Garment knitting direct on machine without seam.

  • Motorized Yarn Feeder Control Technology

    The yarn feeder automatically arrange setting & kicking position withoutcarriage to reduce running rows.

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