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Motorized Feeder

Motorized Feeder

  • Drive and control integrated servo motor, yarn carrier with independent control, real-time, faster, more stable.
  • Servo flexible algorithm, fast start, and stop, precise position.
  • Feeder collision avoidance technology: the system automatically calculates the parking position of the yarn carrier, without the need to kick the yarn, greatly saving the knitting length.
  • Support 32 yarn feeders that are automatically arranged.
  • Same-line multi-color plaiting technology, no need for head rotation; automatic switch of the yarm carrier realizes the multi-color plaiting effect.
  • Same-line single needle plaiting technology, no need for head rotation; automatic switch of the system achieves the single-needle plaiting effect.

Product Characteristics

Positive Yarn Provide

Positive Yarn Providing, successfully Reduce Yarn Resistance, increase Knitting Efficiency.

*roller yarn provider and yarn storage device can be selected according to the model of machine

Touch Screen

Adopting industrial LCD, graphic interface,color display. On working conditions, ,parameters like weavingpieces, finished pieces, time, velocity,Roller,mesh number, yarn nozzle, etc. could be displayed clearly on the screen. When running,you can adjust parameters freely. This is the most convenient and time-saving device all you need to do is just focus on the fabric and input the command, and then all the parameters and pattern types could be changed.
Main Parameter




Single Carriage, Three System

Knitting range

44"/52" /60"/66"/72"/80"/100"

Specifications And Configurations Should Be Subjected To The Contract.

Computerized flat knitting machine maintenance instruction

To ensure a computerized flat knitting machine is in a good situation at any time, reducing wear and increase the machine life, keep a lower operating and maintenance costs, we need to properly maintain the machine and provide a good working environment. The following points are very important and must be done:
1. Every production unit should be cleaning the needle bed with an air compressor, make sure there is no dust on the needle, yarn feeder, yarn feeder guide rail, out of the carriage, brush…cleaning the workshop regularly.
2. Add lubricant to the needle bed, needle stitch, yarn feeder guide rail, and carriage guide rail, and keep all the transmission parts lubricated.
3. Machine discontinued using long time or temporary, need to apply with anti-rust oil for the needle bed and other parts at first, the machine also needs to be covered.
4. Please read the instruction manual before using the machine.

Qualification & Honor

158 certificates of honor,35 independent research and development certificates

In recent years,Qianglong and its leading product "Qiangsheng" brand multi-functional Computerized flat knitting machine have been successively rated as "national high tech enterprise", "China Quality Credit AAA", "Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Jiaxing famous brand product"; "Jiaxing high tech research and Development Center", "Jiaxing enterprise technology center", "Jiaxing patent demonstration enterprise", "Jiaxing top ten industries"Design enterprise ". The company has been professional wholesale Motorized Feeder manufacturers and Motorized Feeder suppliers.It has obtained 153 independent research and development patent certificates,123 utility models, 20 invention patents, and 10 appearances.

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