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Luxury Model with Double Tuck

Luxury Model with Double Tuck

QL-1S52M QL-1S60M

It has the function of simultaneous weaving tucks with single-port input, and realizes the function of turning before and after single-port input.
The system software has the function of stitchs step by step and can be compatible with most pattern weaving of double and triple system.
Simple operation, saving time, less investment, fast return. Qianglong technology wish to work with you to win the future together.
Main Parameter


QL-1S52M QL-1S60M




Single-double system

Knitting range


Comb system

Zero finishing yarn comb system; regualar comb system

Needle bed

Milling type needle bed (standard) or Insert type needle bed (optional).

Knitting system

Single-double system, use of digital technology to achieve (he horizontal machine needle, pick hole, lifting eye, no dotted line liftFlower. siping jacquard, open stitch, dark stitch and other regular pattern weaving functions.

Knitting speed

Maximum speed is 1.8 m/s without load, with 128 sections of programming speed.

Stitch density

128 Section electronic control, using subdivision technology; The stepping motor controls and adjusts the density, and the adjustable range is 0-650.

Dynamic stitch

Using high speed stepping motor, multi-stitch function can be achieved in one line.


Not affected by the direction of the carriage.

Racking system

Servo motor drive, shake 1/2 and 1/4 needle in any position; Maximum 2 inches on one side.

Quickly turning

Intelligent switching braiding system improves machine weaving efficiency.

Take-up device

128 section automatic control, time division adjustment, according to the width of the pattern automatic identification automatic adjustment tension, can meet many local weave pattern tension requirements, so that the fabric tension distribution uniform, reliable strength.

The yarn device

7G-9g Adopts the roller feeding device to accurately control the tension of the yarn and ensure the consistency of the whole woven piece quality; I2G-I6g adopts the yarn storage device to accurately control the tension of the yarn and ensure the consistency of the whole woven piece quality;

Safety device

The whole machine is covered to reduce noise and dust, infrared safety device, emergency stop device, cut off power device, indicator light alarm device.

Stop motion

Automatic stop for yarn breaking, yarn knot, cloth winding, firing pin, number of pieces completed, overload, program error, etc

Control system

The screen uses LCD industrial display, touch screen graphical interface, transmission mode uses USB and network, can be used to store a large number of pattern files, and can be called out according to production needs at any time. Monitoring screen: it can display all kinds of working parameters and knitted mesh value, and it can be adjusted at any time when the machine is running, which is convenient for operation and time saving to the greatest extent. Plate-making system and control system (software part) SH upgrade is convenient. Support a variety of flower format CNT. HCD. 000. etc. Support for multi-language operating versions (Chinese, English, Russian, and other languages)

Data input

Through a USB drive or computer connection.

Blackout memory function

Advanced CMOS technology is adopted to realize blackout memory and call recovery weaving functions.

Network function

High-speed ETHERNET network theoretically enables unlimited computer connection, data uploading and sharing, and real-time monitoring.

Size and weight

QLC-M244SQ: 2400*780* 1900MM Weight around: 750KGS

Specification and configurations should be subjected to the contract with customer.


Qualification & Honor

158 certificates of honor,35 independent research and development certificates

In recent years,Qianglong and its leading product "Qiangsheng" brand multi-functional Computerized flat knitting machine have been successively rated as "national high tech enterprise", "China Quality Credit AAA", "Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Jiaxing famous brand product"; "Jiaxing high tech research and Development Center", "Jiaxing enterprise technology center", "Jiaxing patent demonstration enterprise", "Jiaxing top ten industries"Design enterprise ". The company has been professional wholesale Luxury Model with Double Tuck manufacturers and Luxury Model with Double Tuck suppliers.It has obtained 153 independent research and development patent certificates,123 utility models, 20 invention patents, and 10 appearances.

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