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Whole garment computerized flat knitting machine

Whole garment computerized flat knitting machine

  • Single carriage three systems,smart roller, high-performance sinker, dynamics stitch, equipped with comb system,motorized feeder, adopt digital technology, high speed, and high-efficiency ,realize picking holes, tuck, intarsia, full needle, jacquard, bright narrowing, dark narrowing, and other irregular pattern knitting functions. suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber,pure silk, and various blended yarns to produce sweaters, scarves, gloves,hats, and knitwear accessories.
  • Fully formed seamless knitting is made of one or several yarns,using a flat knitting machine knitting the entire garment at one time, the overall line is beautiful and smooth, it fits the design requirements, stretches freely, and the upper body is softer, comfortable and lighter.


Product Characteristics

Automatic Refueling

In order to make the machine work better, we have developed a 24-hour intelligent system for automatic refueling.

Needle Bed

Divided structure, steel sheet made from import high-quality steel precisely punched and finely polished to reduce the resistance with needles and increase the longevity.

Dynamic Stitch

The device by dynamic stitch technology, we achieve the variety of stitches and variety density in one course to improve knitting efficiency and variety.
High-speed and High-efficiency
Increase the carriage return speed and productivity as well as avoid the work of the carriage rail. In the case of 12g, the high-speed return can improve efficiency by more than 20%,compared with the old system.

Positive Yarn Provide

Positive Yarn Providing, successfully Reduce Yarn Resistance, increase Knitting Efficiency.

*roller yarn provider and yarn storage device can be selected according to the model of the machine

Touch Screen

Adopting industrial LCD, graphic interface,color display. On working conditions, ,parameters like weavingpieces, finished pieces, time, velocity,Roller,mesh number, yarn nozzle, etc. could be displayed clearly on the screen. When running,you can adjust parameters freely. This is the most convenient and time-saving device all you need to do is just focus on the fabric and input the command, and then all the parameters and pattern types could be changed.
Main Parameter



Knitting Width


Specifications And Configurations Should Be Subjected To The Contract.

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Computerized flat knitting machine maintenance instruction

To ensure computerized flat knitting machine is in a good situation at any time, reducing wear and increase of the machine life, keep a lower operating and maintenance costs, we need to properly maintain the machine, provide a good working environment. The following points are very important and must be done:
1. Every production unit should be cleaning the needle bed with an air compressor, make sure there is no dust on the needle, yarn feeder, yarn feeder guide rail, out of the carriage, brush…cleaning the workshop regularly.
2. Add lubricant to the needle bed, needle stitch, yarn feeder guide rail, carriage guide rail, keep all the transmission parts lubricated.
3. Machine discontinued using long time or temporary, need to apply with anti-rust oil for the needle bed and other parts at first, the machine also needs to be covered.
4. Please read the instruction manual before using the machine.

Qualification & Honor

158 certificates of honor,35 independent research and development certificates

In recent years,Qianglong and its leading product "Qiangsheng" brand multi-functional Computerized flat knitting machine have been successively rated as "national high tech enterprise", "China Quality Credit AAA", "Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Jiaxing famous brand product"; "Jiaxing high tech research and Development Center", "Jiaxing enterprise technology center", "Jiaxing patent demonstration enterprise", "Jiaxing top ten industries"Design enterprise ". The company has been professional wholesale Whole garment computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers and Whole garment computerized flat knitting machine suppliers.It has obtained 153 independent research and development patent certificates,123 utility models, 20 invention patents, and 10 appearances.

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