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Single Triple System Machine with Zero Elastic Y Arn Comb

Single Triple System Machine with Zero Elastic Y Arn Comb


The Carriage of this series is all controlled by a full-integrated motor that is stable, noiseless, energy-saving, and high-efficiency. It is also the first class in China and has patent certification.
Dynamic stitch, weaving triangular use code counting. With tuck in the same line, woven top fly, shovel needle, patches, especially when partial weaving. Electronic needle selection prolongs the service life. Files are scanned automatically while weaving, fully realized single three independent weaving, machine working efficiency than traditional products increased by more than 90%.
Main Parameter






 Single/triple system

Knitting range


Comb system

Zero finishing yarn comb system; regualar comb system

Needle bed

Milling type needle bed or insert type needle bed

Knitting system

Single carriage single-double system, use of digital technology to achieve the horizontal machine needle, pick hole, lifting eye, no dotted line liftFlower, siping jacquard, open stitch, dark stitch and other regular pattern weaving functions.

Power supply unit

Voltage: AC 220V/380V

Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

Power: 1.5KW

Size and weight of machine

QL-1S52M: 2550*720*1700MM Weight around:750KGS

Specification and configurations should be subjected to the contract with customer.


Qianglong Single triple system  VS Traditional single system

Tri-color jacquard birdseye

15mins VS 33mins

Five-color jacquard

13mins  VS 22mins

All-in-one velvet

15mins VS 33mins

Needle turning function

5mins VS 10mins

Qualification & Honor

158 certificates of honor,35 independent research and development certificates

In recent years,Qianglong and its leading product "Qiangsheng" brand multi-functional Computerized flat knitting machine have been successively rated as "national high tech enterprise", "China Quality Credit AAA", "Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", "Jiaxing famous brand product"; "Jiaxing high tech research and Development Center", "Jiaxing enterprise technology center", "Jiaxing patent demonstration enterprise", "Jiaxing top ten industries"Design enterprise ". The company has been professional wholesale Single Triple System Machine with Zero Elastic Y Arn Comb manufacturers and Single Triple System Machine with Zero Elastic Y Arn Comb suppliers.It has obtained 153 independent research and development patent certificates,123 utility models, 20 invention patents, and 10 appearances.

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