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Double System With Double Carriages


Knitting speed: the maximum knitting speed can reach 1.2m/s

Knitting function:It has multiple knitting functions such as knitting transfer needle coil, tuck, receiving needle coil, pick holes, separate needle coil, jacquard intarsia, and so on, which can ensure the machine fits all kinds of patterns.

Knitting material: The machine can be suitable for a wide range of materials, such as real silk, silk, synthetic fiber, wool, cashmere, acrylic fiber, blended yarn, and so on. It can also produce other accessories like collar, ribbing, placket, hem, scarf, pocket, etc.

Control system: It adopts a full touch screen of LED, which has a USB intelligent network interface for transmission and supports multi-language.

Special device: This series of products adopt a double system with two carriages, which can make two carriages in one to work. It can also knit with each carriage independently.

Power consumption: The maximum power is 1.3kw and the average daily power consumption is 10 yuan.


Double system with two carriages can improve the knitting efficiency.

Knit with each carriage independently.

Support high-speed turnaround and improve efficiency.

Memory function can remember the knitting position after power off.

Support multi-language such as English, Bangladeshi Arabic, and Turkish.

Adapt to the pattern of multiple files formats.

Large memory can store a large number of patterns.

Patterns and parameters can be imported and exported.

Fault logging can support the accurate alarm.

Low cost, high efficiency, more energy-saving, more sensitive, and more stable.

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