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Intellectual Manufacture

lt combines with "inrernet+" elements. It arranges SAP, MES information system, etc. li fulfills full coverage of information system to various production sectors.lt basically fulfills automated installations. It constructs a digital factory with high technical content, leading automation standards. In the future, it will comprehensively push forward the transformation of intellectual manufacture.

High-tech Fine-qialotu Elevatprs

The technology department is responsible for the development of computerized flat knitting machine advanced technology and dedicated to the r&d of the high-quality computerized flat knitting machine.

Advanced Technology Shows Great Strength

The Production Dept. of QiangLong machinery includes exquisite workshop; Flat Knitting workshop; assembly workshop; etc. lt is primarily in charge of manufacturing of computerized flat knitting spare parts, the rationalization of the machine assembly line and debug testing of finished goods, which is the core of QiangLong's productivity. Each department always puts quality in the first place and then increases production efficiency on the basis of quality assurance.

Production Capacity

Quality Control

We have sound quality control system that strictly controls the quality of the product at stages of material evaluation, product processing test and ultimate test, which guarantees the quality and traceability of the product.

Product Debugging

Mutiple times of adjustment is to ensure every product coming out from factory is a qualified product.

Product Packaging

To make sure the product is safe during transportation, we use vacuum package to prevent moisture and rust. In addition, we provide complete packaging methods according to your requirement, and provide convenience for loading, unloading and storage as well as save time for checking and delivery. Make sure you can receive proper product at a proper time.

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