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QiangLong Machinery Co., Ltd. is China smart running computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers and smart running computerized flat knitting machine suppliers, mainly specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing Knitting Machinery. The company is located in New & Hightech Industrial Park in the city of Tongxiang, which is one of the national historic and cultural cities. QiangLong covers an area of over60,000 square meters and the floor area of 80,000 square meters. Based on independent innovation and considerate service, QiangLong has been supplying clients with high-tech and qualified products as well as customer-oriented service for meeting various demands.

As Computerized Knitting Machine Factory, We set up many brands with various specifications for multifunctional Computerized Flat Knitting Machines like QiangSheng", After several years of R&D and market exploitation, QiangLong has established a perfect marketing network and after-sales service system.

Single-Double System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series

QL-1S52M QL-1S60M QL-1S80M

    Single-double system flat knitting machine adopts digital technology, which can realize the functions of transfer, tuck, hole picking, jacquard, needle narrowing, and other regular pattern knitting functions of the flat knitting machine. The machine can automatically scan the knitting file before starting knitting and automatically select the system suitable for the pattern, thus genuinely realizing the fast rotation of the machine carriage with high speed and high efficiency.

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Double System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series


    Double system has high position roller, high-performance sinker, dynamic stitch, motor control reserving carriage, also equipped with a take-down system, two sets of scissors and clips, digital technology, high-speed and efficient, to achieve pointelle, tuck, jacquard, intarsia, full needle jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape, and other irregular patterns. suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber, silk and all kinds of blended yarn, the production of sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats and knitted apparel accessories.

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Three system Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series

QL-352M QL-366M QL-372M QL-380M

    Triple system, this series have two models: with comb and without comb, with digital technology, it could implement the rib transfer, jacquard, needle narrowing and other weaving functions. also, it can knit basic knitting(full needle, single side) the weft knitted fabric like cable stitch. this applies to spun silk, synthetic filament, wool, acrylic, blending yarn and other materials, sweaters, scarfs, hats and clothing accessories.

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Three System Shoe Upper Knitting Machine Series

QL-336X QL-352X QL-372X QL-380X

    Triple system 3D Shoe Upper Knitting Machine specialized in making shoe uppers with high production efficiency. This series is a fully automatic computer knitting machine without a bottom plate device. It uses digital technology to realize the functions of transfer, tuck, intarsia without dotted lines, jacquard, embroidery, open narrowing, and other regular pattern knitting functions.

    It can weave basic knitting weaves, multi-color random jacquard, intarsia, twisted flowers, pick holes, and other weft weaves.

    It is also suitable for knitting shoe uppers and other accessories with raw materials such as silk, spun silk, synthetic fiber, wool, rayon, and blended yarn. They are the mainstream machines for the professional production of 3D shoe uppers.

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Single System Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Series


    The single-system flat knitting machine has two types of needle beds: milling type or insert type. This series has two models: with a comb or without a comb. This series adopts digital technology, which can realize the functions of transfer, tuck, hole picking, jacquard, needle narrowing, and other regular pattern knitting functions of the flat knitting machine. This series can weave basic knitting patterns (full needle, single side, Etc.), multi-color irregular jacquard, and twisted weft knitting. This series is suitable for knitting sweaters, scarves, hats, and clothing accessories from raw materials such as silk, spun silk, synthetic filament, wool, rayon, blended yarn, yarn, Etc. 

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Multifunctional Computerized Flat Knitting Machine


    The Device for Laying Down Fabric: The Spring-type intelligent moveable sinkers, this function can replace the function of the market rake, so as to effectively control the local tension of the cloth, this function is convenient to maintain, can greatly reduce the broken needle caused by the floating yarn.

    Braiding Design: Optimize weaving, part shovel 60+ needles, deeper necklines 12cm+ with better control over flechage, drum wave 4cm+, to solve the difficulty of deeper necklines limitation.
    Cost: Capacity improvement, energy consumption reduction, cost recovery faster, more complete function, car without worry, welcome to sample to buy, carry the bag, a variety of financial ways.
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Zero Finishing Yarn Comb System

    • Core technology: This machine does not need elastic yarn, waste yarn, and manual work. Our new machine features enable intelligent energy-saving and efficiency;
    • Core value: increase economic benefits for users of the knitting industry the society;
    • Return on Investment: less investment, fast return.
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Motorized Feeder

    • Drive and control integrated servo motor, yarn carrier with independent control, real-time, faster, more stable.
    • Servo flexible algorithm, fast start, and stop, precise position.
    • Feeder collision avoidance technology: the system automatically calculates the parking position of the yarn carrier, without the need to kick the yarn, greatly saving the knitting length.
    • Support 32 yarn feeders that are automatically arranged.
    • Same-line multi-color plaiting technology, no need for head rotation; automatic switch of the yarm carrier realizes the multi-color plaiting effect.
    • Same-line single needle plaiting technology, no need for head rotation; automatic switch of the system achieves the single-needle plaiting effect.

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Luxury Model with Double Tuck

QL-1S52M QL-1S60M

    It has the function of simultaneous weaving tucks with single-port input, and realizes the function of turning before and after single-port input.
    The system software has the function of stitchs step by step and can be compatible with most pattern weaving of double and triple system.
    Simple operation, saving time, less investment, fast return. Qianglong technology wish to work with you to win the future together.
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Single Triple System Machine with Zero Elastic Y Arn Comb


    The Carriage of this series is all controlled by a full-integrated motor that is stable, noiseless, energy-saving, and high-efficiency. It is also the first class in China and has patent certification.
    Dynamic stitch, weaving triangular use code counting. With tuck in the same line, woven top fly, shovel needle, patches, especially when partial weaving. Electronic needle selection prolongs the service life. Files are scanned automatically while weaving, fully realized single three independent weaving, machine working efficiency than traditional products increased by more than 90%.
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Collar Machine


    Single carriage, single system is an integrated or insert type, this fully automatic Computerized Flat Knitting Machine series are equipped without comb, by using digital technology, it could implement the Stich Transfer, Jacquard, Needle narrowing and other weaving functions. lt can knit basic knitting (full needle single side) the weft knitted fabric like cable stitch. This applies to needle thread, spun silk, synthetic filament, wool, acrylic blending, yarn and other raw material, weaving sweaters, scarfs, hats and clothing accessories.
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Industry Related Introduction

Can the Computerized Knitting Machine handle different yarn weights and textures?
Computerized knitting machines are designed to handle a variety of yarn weights and textures, offering flexibility in the types of fabrics and garments they can produce. Here's how they typically manage different yarn characteristics:
Yarn Tension Adjustment: Computerized knitting machines usually allow for adjustable tension settings, which can accommodate different yarn weights. This feature ensures that the yarn is fed into the machine at the appropriate tension level, preventing loose or tight stitches and ensuring consistent fabric quality.
Yarn Compatibility: Most computerized knitting machines are compatible with a wide range of yarn materials, including wool, cotton, acrylic, silk, and blends. This versatility allows users to work with different yarn compositions and textures to achieve the desired look and feel for their projects.
Needle Selection: Some computerized knitting machines come with interchangeable needle options, allowing users to select needles of varying thicknesses and sizes to match the yarn being used. This flexibility ensures that the machine can knit effectively with different yarn weights without causing damage to the yarn or compromising the quality of the fabric.
Programmable Settings: Users can typically adjust the machine's settings and parameters to accommodate specific yarn characteristics, such as elasticity, stretchiness, or fuzziness. By programming the machine accordingly, users can optimize the knitting process for different yarn types and textures, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.
Testing and Calibration: Before starting a new project with a different yarn weight or texture, users may need to conduct tests and calibrate the machine to ensure optimal performance. This may involve adjusting tension settings, needle selection, and programming parameters to match the specific requirements of the yarn being used.
Computerized knitting machines offer considerable flexibility and adaptability when it comes to handling different yarn weights and textures, allowing users to explore a wide range of creative possibilities in their knitting projects.As a professional computerized knitting machine factory, welcome to order!

How durable is the Computerized Knitting Machine under regular use?
The durability of a computerized knitting machine under regular use can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the machine, maintenance practices, frequency of use, and the types of materials being knitted. Here are some considerations regarding the durability of computerized knitting machines:
High-quality computerized knitting machines are typically designed and constructed using durable materials and components. Robust construction contributes to the machine's ability to withstand regular use and potential wear and tear over time.
The motor and mechanical components of the knitting machine play a crucial role in its durability. A well-built motor and sturdy mechanisms can endure prolonged operation without experiencing significant performance issues or breakdowns.
Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the durability and longevity of a computerized knitting machine. This may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, checking for loose or damaged components, and performing routine inspections to identify potential problems early on.
The frequency and intensity of use can impact the durability of the knitting machine. Machines that are used heavily or for extended periods may experience more wear and tear compared to those used intermittently or for lighter projects.
The type of yarn used in the knitting process can also affect the machine's durability. Certain yarn materials, such as coarse or abrasive fibers, may cause more friction and stress on the machine's components, potentially leading to accelerated wear and reduced lifespan.
Environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and dust levels, can influence the performance and longevity of the knitting machine. Proper storage and protection from moisture, dust, and other contaminants can help prolong its lifespan.
Choosing a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable and durable knitting machines can enhance the likelihood of long-term satisfaction and performance. Additionally, access to manufacturer support, warranty coverage, and spare parts availability can contribute to the machine's durability and serviceability over time.
While computerized knitting machines can be durable and reliable under regular use, proper care, maintenance, and attention to usage practices are essential for maximizing their lifespan and performance. By following recommended guidelines and addressing any issues promptly, users can help ensure that their knitting machine remains in good working condition for years to come.

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