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Speed up the construction of Wuzhen Avenue Science and Technology Innovation Cluster!

    Wuzhen Avenue Science and Technology Innovation Cluster is the main battlefield, main position, and main platform of the city's future development, and it is also an important strategic fulcrum for the city's integration into the construction of the Greater Bay Area. A few days ago, our city formally issued the "Implementation Plan on Speeding up the Construction of Wuzhen Avenue Science and Innovation Cluster Area". Next, our city will seize the strategic opportunities of the provincial Greater Bay Area and the G60 Science and Technology Corridor, and promote the implementation of a number of major industrial projects. And infrastructure project construction, accelerate the development of the four leading industries, and strive to build the Wuzhen Avenue Science and Technology Cluster Area into a major development platform with important influence and radiation power around Hangzhou Bay.

(Production workshop of Qianglong Machinery Co., Ltd.)

    In the production workshop of Tongxiang Qianglong Machinery Co., Ltd., as the footwear market continues to improve in recent years, Qianglong Machinery has invested more than 20 million yuan in the research and development of new boutique shoe upper machines to further seize the market. The order volume of the flour machine has exceeded 100 million yuan.

    As a veteran computerized flat knitting company, Qianglong Machinery has gradually become the industry leader through continuous innovation since it settled in Wutong Industrial Park. Last year, the company's sales reached 588 million yuan. In the second half of this year, the company will invest 80 million yuan. Yuan started the construction of the second-phase expansion project, and after reaching production in the second half of next year, the annual output value is expected to exceed 700 million yuan.

    Taking Wuzhen Avenue as the axis, relying on major industrial platforms such as Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Wuzhen Big Data High-tech Industrial Park, Puyuan Knitting Industrial Park and other major industrial platforms along the line, our city is advancing the Internet information economy, advanced manufacturing, fashion characteristic industries, leisure tourism and health. The development of the four leading industries of the service industry has realized the development trend of global interconnection of "from point to line, from line to surface".

    Walk into the Wuzhen International Automobile Campground, which is located at the junction of Wuzhen Avenue and Huan he Road. The camping park covering an area of more than 100 acres has been basically completed. More than 60 RVs are parked at the campsite. Visitors will be able to enjoy it in the future. To the warm and comfortable RV accommodation experience. It is understood that the Wuzhen International Automobile Campground project covers a total area of 216 mu and has a total investment of about 750 million yuan. It is planned to construct RV theme resort hotels, boutique RV camp areas, RV camping parks, and other blocks. It is planned to be completed and put into use in 2019. Later, it will become the first 5A-level smart international car camping site in China that integrates RV display, camping, leisure, experience, and entertainment.

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