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How to choose a computerized flat knitting machine?

When buying a computerized flat knitting machine, first of all, the machine head is the heart of the mechanical operation. The machine head parts such as needle selector, cam, electromagnet, and dome drive the knitting needles to work. The core of the machine head is the triangular base plate. Proper selection of the triangular plate can increase the lifting speed and frequency of the needle cam, reduce the damage rate of the knitting needle, and also widen the adjustable range of the fabric density and improve the weaving quality of the fabric. . At present, domestic triangular production enterprises are limited by materials, heat treatment, cryogenic treatment, manufacturing and other technologies, and it is difficult to compete with imported equipment. If the toughness of the triangular bottom plate is not enough or the process does not meet the standards, it will cause problems such as striker, fabric deformation, etc., which will seriously cause mechanical problems. Worn, deformed, blackened.
The computer system should be the brain of the whole machine, as you can imagine, this analogy shows the importance of the computer. If the computer is unstable, it must be a sin that affects the output and quality of sweaters. All movements, patterns, speed and density must be controlled by the computer, and the selection of the computer should not be careless.
The needle plate should be regarded as the trunk of the computerized flat knitting machine. It is also limited by materials, heat treatment, craftsmanship, manufacturing and other technologies. If the needle plate is not selected properly, the fabric will be rough, the board will be worn, the needle will be struck, and even the needle plate will be blackened and festered. . The knitted fabrics that are not properly assembled will be stitched.
The knitting needle is the finger of the computerized flat knitting machine. The warp and weft knitting of the yarn depends on it. In addition to the material toughness of the knitting needle, the design and precision of the hook and latch of the needle are also very different.

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