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How to maintain the computerized flat knitting machine?

After the needle groove is used for a long time, there will be fouling in the computerized flat knitting machine, which directly affects the quality of knitwear, so the needle bed must be wiped regularly. It is called cleaning the car, and the following points must be paid attention to when cleaning the car:
1. Push all the knitting needles to the knitting area to prevent the needle latch from being damaged when pulling the upper stopper iron.
2. The extracted upper and lower plug irons and needle bed pressure irons must be placed on the workbench in the original order. Do not make mistakes and are easy to install.
3. If you find rust spots on the needle bed, use No. 0 emery cloth to sand and smooth it. Do not wipe the grid-shaped teeth of the needle bed to avoid damaging the straightness of the teeth.
4. Do not wipe the emery cloth on the "front" of the plug iron, so as to avoid the damage of the "front" and affect the operation of pressing the needle.
5. The needle groove must be wiped clean, otherwise it will cause defects such as thinning needles or tightness in the fabric.
Eliminate fouling in the needle groove, you can use the back of the broken hacksaw blade to remove. If you can't clean it once, you can pick it again until it is clean, and then use a brush to remove the grease and dust. Don't be greedy for convenience, turn the needle bed over and hit it, so as not to damage the needle bed.
6. When wiping the car, be careful not to damage the grid-shaped teeth of the needle bed.

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