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How to solve the high cost problem of computerized flat knitting machine?

The computerized flat knitting machine has developed by leaps and bounds, and the machine speed has broken through the previous maximum speed of 1.2 m/s. Some machines can also produce fabrics of similar sizes, with a multi-purpose function. Economical single-system and single-stage needle selection computerized flat knitting machines have been put into mass production, and have become a new selling point in the market due to their price advantage. Due to the rapid development of my country's sweater industry, the demand for computerized flat knitting machines has increased geometrically, which has also driven the rapid development of domestic flat knitting knitting enterprises. After more than 7 years of development, Tongxiang Qianglong Machinery Co., Ltd., a domestic computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer, started the research and development of computerized flat knitting machines, which now also occupies a considerable market share. According to the current sales situation, the company's sales volume in 2010 is expected to exceed 5,000 units, and the sales volume is expected to reach 500 million yuan.
Relevant analysts believe that the current industry is in a period of obvious transformation. On the one hand, domestic computerized flat knitting machines are on the rise, technology, quality and service are gradually mature, the cost is significantly lower than imported products, and the customer investment recovery cycle is greatly shortened; on the other hand, sweater enterprises are in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. In the process of transitioning from hand-cranked flat knitting machines and electric flat knitting machines to fully computerized flat knitting machines, the demand for medium and high-end equipment will gradually increase, so the demand for computerized flat knitting machines will maintain a high growth trend for a long time in the future.

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