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What are the benefits of computerized flat knitting machines?

The latest advances in computerized flat knitting technology offer many benefits. With a shortened production cycle and reduced cost, these technologies enable manufacturers to quickly produce a wide range of clothing. For example, a business can produce virtual samples of upcoming products and use the data to forecast demand. This process allows manufacturers to maximize production and avoid overproduction and wasted inventory. It also allows manufacturers to replenish inventory mid-season, which can be a crucial benefit in avoiding missed sales opportunities.
The latest technology also has several other benefits. Computerized Flat Knitting machines can support multiple needle counts and are ideal for a variety of applications. In addition, they can process a variety of materials, allowing for higher productivity. The latest models allow for endless possibilities for knitting patterns and styles. 
A key advantage of computerized flat knitting technology is that it can be controlled remotely. It is possible to monitor the knitted garments remotely, and even get notifications about replacement parts or maintenance issues. In addition, a KMS allows the user to access the machine from any location, regardless of their location.
Another advantage of using this technology is the reduction of environmental load. For example, a computerized flat knitting machine can significantly reduce the amount of waste. As a result, the process reduces carbon emissions and improves fabric quality. It can also reduce production time by up to 60%. Furthermore, it eliminates the problem of two-layer high pile loss and offers superior fabric quality.
This type of knitting machine is more efficient than its predecessors in terms of productivity. In addition to having shorter setup times, it also uses less yarn. Therefore, it is more suitable for small-scale productions. In addition to that, it can also be used in joint projects. This way, both parties can benefit from enhanced consulting and optimization of products and processes.

Single carriage three systems,smart roller, high-performance sinker, dynamics stitch, equipped with comb system,motorized feeder, adopt digital technology, high speed, and high-efficiency ,realize picking holes, tuck, intarsia, full needle, jacquard, bright narrowing, dark narrowing, and other irregular pattern knitting functions. suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber,pure silk, and various blended yarns to produce sweaters, scarves, gloves,hats, and knitwear accessories.
Fully formed seamless knitting is made of one or several yarns,using a flat knitting machine knitting the entire garment at one time, the overall line is beautiful and smooth, it fits the design requirements, stretches freely, and the upper body is softer, comfortable and lighter.

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