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What is 3D Flyknit Knitting Machine?

This three-system computerized flat knitting machine is a versatile tool for knitting sweaters, socks, and accessories. It can produce knitwear with a basic single or double-jersey pattern or an irregular multi-color jacquard pattern, and it can even knit yarns with mixed fibers. 
This machine is equipped with a graphic interface and an industrial LCD screen. It allows the user to easily read and change the parameters and working conditions. In addition, it can be operated in multiple languages. The machine also features a high-speed return system. This feature allows the user to make adjustments to the parameters without having to focus on the machine.
The AS servo motor is able to achieve 12 m/s of knitting speed, and it can knit both irregular and regular patterns. It can also move the movable sinker in any position according to the density of the fabric. It also has a sophisticated adjusting function that helps users select an appropriate pattern.
Computerized flat knitting machines are also available in single and double systems. A single system machine has one needle bed and is a common choice for beginners. A three-system machine is a more complex device and can be used to create different types of knit fabrics. They are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. And many of them are compatible with a variety of gauges. The main control module and head module communicate with each other through a LAN or CAN bus.
The Computerized Flat Knitting Machines market can be further segmented based on geography. It includes North America, Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea. For each region, the report will provide country-level and regional market sizing and volume forecasts by country. The report will also provide country-level data and forecasts by application segment.
A three-system computerized flat knitting machine includes a number of advanced features. One such feature is the ability to determine the width of the pattern automatically. This ability allows the machine to automatically adjust tension and speed to meet the pattern. In addition, this model has a network interface so it can be connected to an ERP system. The machine also features a single or three-phase electrical power supply.
A four-system computerized flat knitting machine is also available. These machines are often used for knitting multiple colors and patterns. They feature four color changers, which can create more complex designs than a three-system model. These machines are also more productive and have lower fabric waste.

Single carriage three systems, these series have two models: with the comb and without comb,with digital technology, it could implement the rib transfer, jacquard, needle narrowing, and other weaving functions. also, it can knit basic knitting(full needle, single side) the weft-knitted fabric like cable stitch. This applies to spin silk, synthetic filament,wool,acrylic, blending yarn and other materials,sweaters, scarves ,hats, and clothing accessories.

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