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What is the development prospect of computerized flat knitting machine?

Computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers provide various types of machine for knitting a wide range of fabrics. These machines are especially suitable for woven sweaters. They are lightweight and stretchy with a beautiful overall line. They are also equipped with digital technology, which increases the speed of the knitting process. These machines are highly-skilled and have excellent speed, making them a great choice for high-speed production. In addition, they can realize various stitching effects, including inlaid flower and picking hole. They can also produce products with a dark or open stitch.
Computerized flat knitting machines are highly versatile. In addition to conventional knitting, they can produce knit-textile hybrid fabrics. A computerized flat knitting machine can produce various kinds of flat garments, from sportswear to high-end luxury garments. It can also knit a whole piece without sewing it.
Currently, there are many computerized flat knitting machines available. These machines can be used to make sweaters. They are also highly accurate and versatile. These machines allow for higher production. Many of them also have high quality designs. However, some models are more expensive than others, so it's important to choose one that fits your business needs.

Single carriage three systems, these series have two models: with the comb and without comb,with digital technology, it could implement the rib transfer, jacquard, needle narrowing, and other weaving functions. also, it can knit basic knitting(full needle, single side) the weft-knitted fabric like cable stitch. This applies to spin silk, synthetic filament,wool,acrylic, blending yarn and other materials,sweaters, scarves ,hats, and clothing accessories.

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