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What is the double computer flat knitting machine suitable for?

There are two types of computerized flat knitting machines. The double-system computerized flat knitting machine is ideal for knitting complicated patterns, while the single-system computerized flat knitting machine is best for ordinary goods. These machines have multiple heads and are equipped with different functions, including stitch loop selection. Unlike the single-system computerized flat knitting machine, which has a single needle bed, a double-system computerized flat knitting machine has four needle beds.
The R2CARRIAGE system features an advanced carriage mechanism and improved software programming. The result is faster carriage returns after each course, which leads to higher productivity. It also has a one-touch threading system and detects knots during the knitting process. This function allows the machine to stop if it encounters large knots, slow down for small knots, and maintain the ergonomic benefits.
The Double Computerized Flat Knitting Machine features two beds for rib and purl structures. It is also compatible with 3D creations. It is the best choice for knitting flat, ribbed, and tubular knits. The double bed flat knitting machine uses two sets of needles on a flat bed. Its needle bed is 2.5 meters wide.
The computerized flat knitting system is suitable for the production of 3D structures. This machine can produce seamless knitted garments without seams. It can even produce two-dimensional structures. With this technology, the user can design a range of different designs. This type of computerized flat knitting machine offers superior comfort.
The Double Computerized Flat Knitting Machines use circular motions to produce flat knitted fabrics with multiple stitches. They are often used to produce garment panels, ribbed fabrics, and open-width fabrics. In addition to knitting single and double-layered garment panels, they can also create various types of knitted fabrics, including synthetic fibers.

High-class models, double system excellent performance, stable quality. Single carriage with the double system, high position rollers, high-performance sinker, dynamic stitch, motor control reserving carriage, also equipped with a take-down system, two sets of scissors and clips, digital technology, high-speed and efficient, to achieve pointedly, tuck, jacquard, intarsia, full needle jacquard, apparent shape, hidden shape, and other irregular patterns. suitable for wool, cashmere, cotton, chemical fiber, silk, and all kinds of blended yarn, the production of sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, and knitted apparel accessories.

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