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What is the loop forming process of a knitting machine?

China Straight Double Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Suppliers, which is connected longitudinally and transversely to form a knitted fabric. Therefore, looping is the basic knitting process. The coil forming process can be divided into the following stages in sequence: coil withdrawal - the newly formed coil (called the old coil) is moved from the needle hook to the needle bar; Yarn padding - feeding the yarn to the knitting needle; Bending yarn - bending the yarn into a coil shape; With yarn - move the yarn on the new pad or the newly bent coil into the needle hook; Close - close the needle mouth; Ferrule - put the old thread loop onto the closed needle hook; Coiling - new yarn or new coil meets old coil inside and outside the needle hook; Looping - the old coil is removed from the needle hook and sleeved on the new coil; Loop forming - to make the yarn form a closed and new loop of specified size; Pull - Pull the new coil away from the loop forming area. The new coil becomes the old coil in the next cycle. There are two kinds of loop forming processes: knitting and knitting. In the knitting loop forming process, the loop forming stages are carried out in the above order. In the loop forming process of the knitting method, the yarn bending starts from the loop breaking and proceeds simultaneously with the loop forming stage. On some knitting machines, each knitting needle completes the loop forming process in turn; There are also some knitting machines in which the looping process of each knitting needle is carried out in a row at the same time.

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