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What's wrong with the brushes and needles of the computerized flat knitting machine?

When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, there will be problems with brushes and needles. For these two failures, let's take a look at the specific solutions:
Computerized Flat Knitting Machine - Needle Zhong
All computerized flat knitting machines select stitches by stitches. The alignment of the stitches is very important, which directly affects the operation of the machine. If the stitches are not aligned properly, there will be a phenomenon of missing stitches. Generally, the stitches with high stitches do not need to be raised. , The low needle stitches need to be stitched. For example, when knitting a 1 plus 1 sesame pull frame collar, the needle is selected by the high and low butts. If the butts are not arranged well, there will be missing stitches. Therefore, the arrangement of the butts should be Notice.
Computer flat knitting machine - brush
The problem of the brush is also the key to the missing needle. The problem of the brush is mainly caused by the following aspects: the brush device is not good, the front and rear are not correct, the brush is installed backward and the needle does not make an angle, and the device is too high to prevent the rebound of the needle tongue. , the brush can not open the needle and tongue, if it is used for a long time, it will cause serious shedding or biting of hair, and the quality of the brush will be a problem.
(1) The brush device is defective. If the front and rear are not straight, the brush must be aligned before and after, because when the machine head is pulling the triangle to move back and forth, the knitting needle will also move, and the stitches on both sides are carried out at the same time. It can be smoothly removed from the ferrule, so there can be no front and rear errors. If it is not correct, some needle latches will not be pressed down, resulting in missing needles. To solve this problem, you should adjust the lower brush.
(2) The brush is installed backwards and does not make an angle with the needle. For this problem, it is the same as mentioned above, so the lower brush should be adjusted.

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