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You are worthy of choice Straight Double Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

The Straight double computerized flat knitting machine is a type of flat bed knitting machine used to produce sweaters and other garments. It features a wide variety of needles that can be used to create different patterns and textures. It is also capable of producing knitted fabric that is both light and thick. This machine can also be used to produce a wide variety of colors and styles.

In addition, the straight double computerized flat knitting machine can be used to produce a variety of other products. This includes sports apparel, workwear and home furnishings. The machine is able to produce these items without the need for additional machines or manual sewing. This saves both time and money while allowing for greater versatility and production capacity.

Seamless flat V-bed knitting is a technique for creating complete knitted garments that do not require any cutting or stitching. This method of knitting can be used to create garments in a variety of fabrics, including cashmere and silk. The process can be performed on a single machine or on multiple machines in a series of production lines.
Historically, flat-bed seamless V-bed knitting has been a difficult task. This was because the cam box could not change direction halfway through a stroke, and shaping panels had to be done manually by hand .

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